What Polar Vortex is really all about!

Now that we are shaking off the frigid cold that was caused by the shifting of what the weatherman has dubbed the “Polar Vortex”, I thought I would have a little fun with it.

First, take the letters in POLAR VORTEX.  You can likely rearrange them in all sorts of ways.  But one way stood out to me.  It’s really code.  Code for something sinister.  Look closely.

Just a little rearranging and you come up with PRO TAX LOVER!  Of course.  It’s just a sham for some left wing conspiracy to raise our taxes.  I should have known.  All the publicity.  Getting us used to the new terminology.

All of it just a subliminal message to accept higher taxes.  Oh what dastardly steps our government will take in order to brainwash us into accepting a redistribution of wealth.

Well, I hope this brief post has enlightened you to another conspiracy.  Pass it along.  I am sure others will be as concerned as I am about another cover-up.


About mcreyscope

Retired / disabled survivor of Stage IV melanoma and paraneoplastic syndrome. Now in a fight with terminal treatment resistant Stage IV Prostate Cancer.
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