My home as a refuge from my chronic disease

I thought for this post I would talk a little bit about how I make the most of my world at home.

***This is where I spend almost all my time although I do get out on the occasional errand, dining out or special event experience.***

My time at the computer is spent here:


This is where I spend most (but not all) of my time on the computer.  This is where I post to Facebook, write my blogs, check my e-mail and other chores.  As you can see I have to adapt it in order to minimize discomfort.

***My primary adaptation is the special back cushion in the straight high chair that also has a lumbar support added.  This cushion can also provide a massage.  And, if I spend any amount of time here, I take advantage of the massage.*** 

On the left you can see my printer and pictures of my grandchildren.  I have a special support to rest my wrists on the keyboard.  Otherwise, it would all be in the microphone using Dragon.  I also have a special mouse pad that again supports my wrist when I use it.  On the right is my teacup – got to have my daily hot Chai tea you know.

I also have an “office” downstairs where I can file and store junk:


Pretty easy to tell this is the junk room.  But it also has my files for medical history, disability forms, bills, etc.

Next is what I call my lineup of “get-around” devices:Image

These devices include my wheelchair, my quad cane and my “all terrain” rolling walker.  I have a couple of traditional walkers plus another orange rolling walker that I have used in the past at football games.

***Shortly, I hope to be getting a power chair and expect to use that most of the time while at home.***

When I am up, I have to have a place to rest.  And, like most people that ends up being the couch:


It’s a comfortable couch and a spot where I can listen to music if I want to and just get a quick nap or just a little quiet time to recharge my batteries.  I usually need to do this at least a couple of times per day.

Here is how I get up the stairs:


***With all of my pain and osteoarthritis, I don’t know how I could live in a two story home without it.***

Next is my fortress of solitude:


This is my own special room with mementos of my life on the walls.  Here I have another computer and lots of toys, souvenirs and photos.  On the left of my big comfortable chair is my Bible.  It’s got big print – I need it that way even with my reading glasses I hope to read it.  I also have a CD player and headphones.  I listen to music or even college lectures on topics that interest me.  This room can also provide a spot to get away and get that rest that I need to settle my body down.

Finally is where I sleep:


It’s very comfortable – there’s even a special pad under the mattress.

***And you can see my pillows – three standard pillows because I don’t know how high I will need my head to be in order find the comfort to sleep.  A cervical pillow when my neck needs it – it also provides a little more support when I use two or three standard pillows.  Finally a body pillow to snuggle with when I need to sleep on my side.  That position also helps to relieve some of my back pain when it’s really bad.*** 

My CPAP mask is on my pillow and my reach tool is always nearby.

I know we all have made our homes as comfortable as we can to support our need in living with our chronic illnesses.  This tour on my blog provides an idea of how I use my home to support me throughout the day.  I have to continuously make more adaptations as my disease progresses.


About mcreyscope

Retired / disabled survivor of Stage IV melanoma and paraneoplastic syndrome. Now in a fight with terminal treatment resistant Stage IV Prostate Cancer.
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