We’re off to see the wizards!


It’s almost time.  Back to the world renowned Mayo Clinic to see if the wizards of medicine have any new insight to offer to try to slow down the progression of my paraneoplastic syndrome.  It’s hard to imagine that it has been three years since my first couple of visits, diagnosis and treatment planning.  Since then, my hometown doctors have taken care of me.  But, things seem to be declining and I think the hometown folks would also like to have some advice to back up some new options.

I am already a little disappointed.  On Thursday, I was supposed to have a MRI to compare to those taken three years ago.  Even though I informed them at the time of scheduling the appointments that I had a MRI-compatible pacemaker, they failed to make the appropriate arrangements and that part of the exam will have to wait – probably until late August or early September, the next dates I could go back to Minnesota.  Evidently, if you have any kind of a pacemaker you have to have a clinic visit and then the scan at the heart hospital (St. Mary’s) and not downtown.

I have a busy Summer planned starting with my grandson, daughter and son-in-law hitting town June 30th for a month.  Since they live in Belfast, our visiting is limited in person although we do the best we can with Skype video calls.

So, Thursday will be EMGs and Friday a clinic appointment with autoimmune neurology and Dr. Andrew McKeon, who just happens to be from Dublin, Ireland.  Small world.  I really liked him three years ago and he seems to be making a name for himself in treating paraneoplastic neurological disorders.  We are staying until the following Thursday morning and I expect that there will be various other testing done the first three days of next week before we leave.  We like Rochester and the surrounding area, so if we have time we won’t mind doing a little sightseeing while we are there.  We had a great time three years ago on a private guided tour of Amish country and the area touching Wisconsin.  Also, I hope to meet a distant cousin on Saturday who lives in Minnesota and share some ancestral research.  Always good to learn a little more about family.

For convenience and because we like it, we will stay across the street from the clinic at the Grand Kahler Hotel.


This time we are staying in a two bedroom suite that we got a good deal on.  It will be nice to have a place to rest that has some room to move around and to have some privacy.  Last time, the Dalai Lama was there.  Wonder who might be around this time?

And, we like the food choices in Rochester.  One of our favorite places is a not too fancy Greek restaurant called Mac’s.


While here, I intend to post everyday with some information about the testing and doctor visits as well as the cuisine we try, the sights we see and the people we meet.

So, look for them here at http://www.mcreyscope.com and on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mcreyscope.





About mcreyscope

Retired / disabled survivor of Stage IV melanoma and paraneoplastic syndrome. Now in a fight with terminal treatment resistant Stage IV Prostate Cancer.
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