Open Letter to Pain and Its Friends


Dear Pain, Fatigue and Weakness,

I’m just writing to tell you that you’ll never, ever win. I will never stop fighting. You’ve hit me over and over with your best shot, but I keep getting up and living my life. I’m much stronger than you think.

Even if you’re invisible, it doesn’t matter. I have fought cancer, heart disease, stroke and a variety of other calamities that you and your relations have likely made worse. But I’m still here.

So, even if I must rest on some days, get ready for an even bigger fight. I will continue to take care of myself just so that

YOU . . . WILL . . . NEVER . . . WIN!

Maybe you ought to rest up as well. I’m ready to start our fight all over again tomorrow and all the other tomorrows yet to come.


mcreyscope’s musings on chronic illness

P. S. The same goes for anyone else you might want to bring to the fight.

About mcreyscope

Retired / disabled survivor of Stage IV melanoma and paraneoplastic syndrome. Now in a fight with terminal treatment resistant Stage IV Prostate Cancer.
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