Daily Prompt: Stubborn

via Daily Prompt: Stubborn

Well, many people have told me that they very few people that are more stubborn than I am.  I think this trait has allowed me to face the many health challenges that I have faced over the past 8 years.

First diagnosed with melanoma that had spread to the lymph nodes followed the next year by a metastatic lesion far removed from the first, I was determined (stubborn) not to let cancer dominate my life.  And in reality it didn’t.  It was another problem, triggered by the cancer, that would end up trying to dominate me.

That other problem was paraneoplastic neurological syndrome (PNS).  A rare disease that is progressive and makes you weak and challenges your ability to do the normal things in life.  But I was also determined to not let this top me either.

With these problems would come pneumonia, pulmonary emoboli, heart attacks and strokes.  But again, I was too stubborn to give in.

This year I was diagnosed with Stage 4 advanced prostate cancer that had metastasized to the bones.  In this day and time, you’re just not supposed to find prostate cancer so far advanced.  After all, they take your PSA every year.  But, it was true.  And again, I am too stubborn to let this stop me.  So far, the hormone therapy is keeping me going.

I exist in a power wheelchair but I do most of what I want to do.  I need help every day but I have a loving family to provide me help.  I get tired.  I am in pain.  But, I am too stubborn to give up.

So, no matter what you face, use your stubbornness to good advantage.  I have tried to do that and I think it has worked for me.






About mcreyscope

Retired / disabled survivor of Stage IV melanoma and paraneoplastic syndrome. Now in a fight with terminal treatment resistant Stage IV Prostate Cancer.
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